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Pregnant Woman in Nature

What We Do

Midwifery & Well Woman Care

Image by Jonathan Borba

Homebirth Midwifery Care

Collaborative Care for Multiples Pregnancy & Birth

Collaborative Care for Breech Birth

Physical Exam

Prenatal lab work
Genetic testing (NIPT)
Non-invasive testing
Pap tests
STI testing
Group B streptococcus (GBS) testing
Glucose testing
Referral services for ultrasound and advanced prenatal testing
Nutritional counseling as it relates to a healthy pregnancy
Health counseling as it relates to pregnancy
Newborn metabolic screening
Newborn Hearing screening
Newborn Critical Congenital Heart Defects screening

Newborn weight and wellness monitoring for 2 weeks following birth.

Education & Support

Twins. newborn twins in a basket. first photo session of newborns.jpg

Filing for birth a certificate(s)

On-call availability

A lending library

Childbirth education classes

Breastfeeding education classes
Lactation counseling

Monthly Meet The Midwife

Breastfeeding support group

Optional group prenatal checkups

Checkout "what to expect" for more information

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