Confident BIRTH

This TWO DAY class series is based on LAMAZE 6 Healthy Birth Practice.

Your Confident Birth class fits all birth scenarios, from the first time mom to the mom who simply wants to

be better prepared this time around.  This class is modern, evidence based, interactive, hands-on, and fun!

Your Confident Birth series includes all the topics which are learned in our

Breastfeeding Best Start and in Finding Comfort Through Labor & Birth.

During this class series you will learn:

  • LAMAZE fundamentals of Labor, Birth and Parenting

  • Nutritional needs throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • The history of childbirth in America

  • How to recognize COPING (or not COPING) in your laboring partner and how to respond to her

  • The stages and phases of labor and birth

  • What's happening in your body and your baby's development in the third trimester of pregnancy

  • The state of our maternal health in America and what you can do to have the safest possible birth

  • How Pelvic Physiology effects the cardinal movements your baby makes as he/she moves through the birth canal  ​

  • Prenatal exercises to enhance your body balance and your baby's position before birth  

  • Techniques for relaxation during labor and birth

  • Creating an optimal birth environment to enhance relaxation and to promote a calm transition for your baby into their new world 

  • Comfort positions which can be tailored as you progress through labor and birth

  • Evidence based information on how to enhance the birthing stage (pushing) to be more efficient

  • Breastfeeding Best Start and so much more!

    Your Confident Birth  

Begins with