Best Start in


Just as with birth, we believe that breastfeeding is a natural process and that your body is perfectly designed to provide all of your baby's nutritional needs for the first 6 months of life.  Yet while natural, breastfeeding takes some time and skill to learn. 

The goal of our BEST START in BREASTFEEDING CLASS is to help you develop Breastfeeding Confidence.

During this 3 hour class you will learn:

*Benefits of breastfeeding for you and your baby. 

*The key to helping breastfeeding get off to the best start. 

*How to establish and maintain a good latch, right from the beginning. 

*How to recognize that your baby is getting enough milk for his/her growing needs.   

*Important steps to developing and maintaining your milk supply. 

*Setting up a breastfeeding station in your home. 

*What your partner can do to support breastfeeding. 

*Pumping and breastmilk storage.    

*How to maintain breastfeeding when returning to work, and so much more.  

Your breastfeeding  journey begins with good preparation. 

Let us help you and your baby get off the best start.