I am a Certified Birth Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.  I have worked in a variety of birth settings providing labor, birth and breastfeeding support.  I enjoy working with families from diverse backgrounds and strongly believe that the common ground that we share as women far outweighs any differences we might have.  My team and I work to serve you.  

                        provides a full compliment of birth support services for your pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting needs.


Our goals are; 

  • To help you identify your priorities for birth and parenting

  • To provide you with options in education that will fit your learning needs

  • To give you access to the expertise and experiences of area doulas and birthing women through our consultation services

  • To provide you with hands-on support through our doula services

  • To support you through your postpartum recovery with counseling options 


Melissa has a true gift for being a doula. My husband and I were very pro natural birth, but we knew we also were going to be in a hospital setting. I could have never stuck to my birth plan without Melissa. For over 12 hours she stood by my side. She never sat down. She never took a break. She had me constantly changing positions to try to be more comfortable. She guided me constantly and was literally invaluable to me as a coach throughout my pregnancy. She truly shined in that delivery room and I am so grateful to have met her.  Sara G.

I am available for you anytime!

Melissa Cook

Phone 610-235-7133

Email melissa.cook@motherme.us

ABOUT Melissa Cook


I am living a dream.  After many years spent leading teams, I walked away in search of something new, something different, something that matters more than profit and loss statements and pandering to corporate figureheads (no offense if you are one).  I wanted to do something that would make an impact on people.  I was led into birth work through this quest and I could not be happier to serve women and their families.  Now I spend my time with people during one of the most transformative times in their life.  I still work long and unpredictable hours and I often put my life on hold to be present for someone else, but the rewards are far more giving than the giving that is required of me.  I am blessed and humbled to support you through your pregnancy and the birth of your baby, and as you navigate the pathways of new parenthood.  

I am a mother, grandmother, wife, and friend.  I have four beautiful children, Stacy, Lucas, Amber and Sharon.  My husband Stephen owns SDCook Home Remodeling, LLC here in Chester County and we are members of Trinity Assembly Of God Church in West Chester.  We relocated to southeastern Pennsylvania 9 years ago, and I am thankful to call this area home now.  I have been in the field of birth work since 2014, I began doing business as Mother Me the next year.  I hope to get to meet you and your family, and I hope that you will be blessed by my business and the people you meet here.  

Certified Birth Doula

Dona International 2014

Certified Lactation Counselor

Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice 2016

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

Lamaze International 2018

I had the opportunity to have Melissa as my doula for my second birth. This pregnancy was different in many ways and I delivered an unmedicated natural birth. Melissa was a huge help during and after  birth. She motivated me to stick to my birth plan during labor. She encouraged me to push forward with the natural birth when i wanted to give up. She made herself available to answer any questions or concerns day or night. She would send me insightful information on the stages of pregnancy and what to expect during labor and delivery. She created a warm and relaxing environment during labor and delivery. She helped us to ask the right questions and to make sure that we knew what was going on at each point in the labor process. Having her there gave my husband an opportunity to rest. After delivery she assisted me with properly latching the baby and gave great tips and information on breastfeeding. My husband and I were truly grateful to have Melissa as our doula. I hope to have Melissa as our doula for years to come. Miracle B