Supporting Women through

Our GUIDING PRINCIPLES are that birth and breastfeeding are natural and that a woman's body is perfectly designed to give birth and feed her baby.  Studies show that families benefit from education preparing for birth and breastfeeding, and they need support through pregnancy and into early parenting.  Respect for your personal choices in birth and parenting are key to your birth outcome and your own perception of your birth and postpartum experiences.  We recognize the irreplaceable role that parents hold in the lives of their children, and we seek to foster your parenting choices right from birth.  We have built our business around these GUIDING PRINCIPLES and the impact they have on you and your growing family.   

To foster our GUIDING PRINCIPLES, we offer an array of support for your labor, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting needs.  We are dedicated to providing the most current evidence based medical information available to support this significant time in your family's life. 

We want to help YOU find the kind of care YOU are looking for, from providers to hands-on support, education to practical application of the things you will learn.  Let us support you through pregnancy, birth and early parenting.  



Melissa was our voice of reason and helped us to achieve the birth we wanted. Not only is she an amazing doula, but she has a heart of gold and you can tell this is truly her passion and calling in life. We are fortunate to have met her and we are excited to be involved with her studio for future classes, and future babies!


Melissa was my birth doula for the natural, unmedicated VBAC of my second child, Carter.  Melissa showed such a genuine care for us throughout the whole birth experience and is truely one of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know. Finding Melissa was very much a blessing and she will forever be considered a part of our family. I would highly recommend her doula services to anyone expecting.


I interviewed many doulas and Melissa is special. She is very professional and composed. She approaches all pregnancy related questions from a place of science and research. She was the perfect person to have in the room for such an important experience and I truly can not recommend her more.